PARTY with TOP International & Regional DJs


Mauricio Reyes (UK)

DJing Salsa Bachata

MC, Dance Instructor, DJ Mauricio Reyes is the founder of LatinMotion, the biggest Salsa outfit in the Midlands (UK) since it was established in the early 1990’s. Originally from Latin America but based in Birmingham (UK), Mauricio has been dancing & listening to Salsa all of his life, and began teaching Salsa dancing since the tender age of 17. He is also a renowned Salsa DJ, playing (& teaching) regularly for some of the biggest salsa events, weekenders, dance holidays & congresses all over the UK, Europe & beyond.

As a DJ, Mauricio is always guaranteed to read any crowd well, spinning a broad range of top Salsa, from Dura to Romantica, NY to LA, Colombian to Cuban, etc. SALSA pa’ bailar… dura pero sabrosa! He has been DJing since 1994 and has been awarded/voted ‘Top UK Salsa DJ’ multiple years, incl all 2007-2011 in a row and as recently as 2017, in addition to other awards such as ‘Top Regional Promoters’, ‘Top UK Salsa Special Event’ & ‘Services to Salsa’.

As a passionate & dedicated dance instructor, DJ, event organiser & promoter for nearly 3 decades, Mauricio’s work within the UK Salsa scene has been extensive. He has introduced & inspired a huge number of people into dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, ChaChaCha, etc), including many other top dance teachers, djs & promoters, and is always willing to offer help & advise to continue to develop the UK dancing scene.

Manu Ramos (UK/PERU)

DJing Salsa Bachata

Paul Wright (UK)

DJing Salsa Bachata

DJ Cristian Lantigua (SPAIN/DOMINICAN)

DJing Salsa Bachata & Kizomba

Cristian Lantigua Born and raised in Pop Dominican Republic Therefor Bachata, Salsa, Merengue & more tropical Rhythms were Part of his every day life. Since leaving Dominican Republic to set himself in the UK in 2001 He has been providing some of the bestayors Uk’s & International events and congresses. Some to mention, GBSex (M quality dance tuition in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & London, Having taught & Deejayed at some of the manchester) Mambocity 5Stars Congress (London) MotionCity (Birmingham) Hayling Island Salsa Splash, La Clave Dance Convention (London & Brighton) Sexy & Sensual Latin Festival, Peterborough Latin Festival, LatinFest Uk (Torque) Afro-Latin Essence (Luton) I Like like that. (London) Salsa Feel The Heat (Wigan) and many many more.

Now; Together with Natalie Lamona from Spain, Cristian will be bringing some of the Dominican flavours to our dance
floor, come join him..

DJ Andy – Mambo Vibes (UK)

DJing Salsa & Bachata

I live in Northampton and was introduced to Salsa dancing in 2002. After that first encounter I found myself instantly hooked. I would go and seek out clubs to take part in the group dance lessons and then social dance as much as I possibly could. Moving on to 2008 I started to get involved in teaching, and then opened my first club in Olney, Buckinghamshire and then later in 2009 I relocated to Northampton with the launch of Mambo Vibes. Since then I have operated Mambo Vibes based from Northampton hosting weekly club nights, party nights, private events, and private dance lessons.

I’m fully involved in the promotion of Salsa and other related dances, I teach, DJ, and promote. In March 2015 I achieved the UKA – Licentiate (Club Dance Salsa Division) teaching qualification.

I have a passion for Latin music and have a vast collection of ‘quality’ music that I love to share to the dance floor, wether it is Salsa, Bachata, or Kizomba I will keep the floor on fire all night. I have a big and well respected reputation for the way I set up sound systems. My original background is in electrical & electronic engineering and I really do know how to set up the equipment to achieve the best clarity in the music possible.

You can find out more about Mambo Vibes here

Cristian  Jean-Francois (UK)

DJing Kizomba

Christian Jean-Francois U.K.A / E.L.C.D.A, from the French Caribbean, has had a long career in the music and dance industry having founded the Latin Quarter, Kizomba Central and The Kizomba Academy. He teaches Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba, Tarraxinha and Semba de Roda. His popularity and innovative teaching methods were recognised as Christian is a Multi- Awards winner ” Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2015 with Air Europa Latin UK Awards (LUKAS). ” Best Male Kizomba Teacher” 2011 with Kizomba Link. Runner up ” Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2014 with Air Europa Latin UK Awards.

Christian has worked with the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) to establish International standards for the teaching of Kizomba. This enables instructors to become qualified and students to achieve medals for Kizomba dance providing both incentives and rewards at all levels of ability. Christian also holds an Adjudicator License with The British Dance Council.

Semba de Roda is a new style of dancing. Christian is responsible for putting this style of dance together and has written the syllabus for Kizomba De Roda. Through the UKA, this syllabus is now being used to teach this new exciting dance worldwide. As well as teaching, Christian is also an accomplished dance performer having competed in both the South East Salsa Championships and the King & Queen of Salsa Competitions.

DJing: In addition to teaching dance, Christian is also a sought after Salsa and Kizomba DJ featuring under the name DJ Christiano.

Club Promoter: Christian is the founder of The Latin Quarter & joint founder of Kizomba Central which are event promoting companies and are currently promoting and running their own club nights The Kizomba Academy, Equilibrio, The Union, Bar 25, Clock House. He also works in association with other events where he promotes and also teaches with his own trained group of teachers. These include, Guilford Kizomba, Chocolate Tuesday (Gem Bar), Sabor, El Grande, Scalalatina, Renaissance and more. Christian is also one of the main organisers for the UK Dance Congress 2015 and 2016.

International Workshops & Public Performances: Christian is known all over the World and has been involved in many congresses and festivals worldwide where he has taught and performed. These include Estonia Tallinn Salsa Congress, Malta Salsa Congress, Austria Vienna Sexy & Sensual Latin Festival, Afro Cuban Salsa Festival Norfolk, Gernamy Frankfurt Salsa Festival, Holland Salsa Platform Gronigen, Salas Northwest UK Congress, Teesside salsa festival to name a few.

Videos: Introduction to Kizomba with Christian Jean-Francois Kizomba Act 1 – Beginners to Improver, Introduction to Kizomba with Christian Jean-Francois Kizomba Act 2 –
Intermediate level are two of the world’s best selling Kizomba Tutorials which resulted in a full page write up in the Multimedia review section in Dance Today magazine. These bestselling DVD’s are also found in the top two selling spots on Amazon worldwide.

Award winner “Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2015 LUKAS Award
Award winner “Best Male Kizomba Teacher” 2011 KIZOMBA Link, Runner up “Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2014 LUKAS Award

Kizomba Central, Kizomba Academy, Latin Quarter, Latin Quarter Live, Latin Quarter Dance School

Toni Viva La Salsa (UK)

DJing Kizomba

Dj Tony C has been djing Salsa and Bachata since 2007 before he started he was around all the popular Latin dj’s of the salsa world mainly in the UK, and also many international djs learning is craft. He is a dj that reads the crowd and can respond to there musical taste. Has is own radio show every Monday on Roots Fm 95.4

He as played in many clubs all over the UK from Latin Motion to Aberdeen to Wales and events abroad Amsterdam congress Danza del arte Serbia Jadance Jamaica Malta salsa congress Wales salsa festival Aberdeen salsa festival

Guter Narciso (UK)

Kizomba DJ

Guter Narciso began singing on 1996/97 when he was a member of Catholic church choir. He has participated in various competitions on national radio and won with the best music on the radio of that time. In England he participated in the Multicultural Festival in Suffolk, and became more popular as a singer of Kizomba Music in UK, he already has a show throughout England, following his solo career he created a band that were followed around the world.

Guter was born Sao Tome and Principe, two Small island in west Africa that were previously Portuguese colonies. On his new Cd he has the songs and lyrics that were written since 1997. For Guter the success of kizomba music is just th start, he still has in his mind many musical projects to share.